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It is good to seek medical review very early pregnancy. It will confirm pregnancy, verify your due date and provide you with the knowledge about what is needed to ensure the well-being of your baby. It is important to choose a progressive transparent team to obtain the best advice in order to feel completely comfortable and at ease throughout your pregnancy.

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What is a Planned (Elective) Caesarean?

Most often women have a Caesarean Section when labor does not progress as expected over a long period of time. It is a decision made by the doctor and the mother-to-be, when other alternatives seem less safer.

Planned Caesarean Sections are usually done from week 38 - 39 of pregnancy. But in some cases, it can be scheduled earlier than this, if there’s a medical reason for delivering the baby sooner.

Planned Caesarean Section UK
Elective Caesarean Section UK

When is a Planned (Elective) Caesarean Recommended?

Possible situations that might require a scheduled Caesarean include:

  • Baby in a breech position
  • An earlier Caesarean section
  • Placenta previa ( a condition where the placenta covers the cervix)

You may feel you want to have a planned Caesarean Section, even if you don’t need one for medical reasons. Some women may feel unable to cope with the pain involved with a vaginal birth. Or if you had a difficult vaginal delivery with your last baby, you may be worried about going through the same thing again.

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