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High quality patient-care forms the crux of who we are and what we do. Our competent medical team offers advice, support and a host of personalized services during your pregnancy and childbirth.

Choose the childbirth option that is just right for you

The type of birth experience you want is a very personal decision. Today's moms-to-be have more options than ever before, ranging from having a home-birth to an elective C-Section.

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Planned Caesarean Section UK

Planned Caesarean Section Delivery

Planned (Elective) Caesarean delivery is an attractive option for those who had a previous difficult vaginal birth or previous emergency Caesarean Section following long labour. It is also preferred option by some in first pregnancy. A planned Caesarean Section Delivery has a much quicker recovery than an emergency procedure. As such a Planned (Elective) Caesarean deliveries may be performed for both medical and non-medical reasons including personal preferences.

Full Pregnancy Care & Caesarean Section

We offer comprehensive advice for you which will enable you to make the best of NHS or Private care. In any appointment with us, we would be guiding you with all aspects of your pregnancy - your health, medical history and preferences, in order for you to develop a personalized plan of care. It might be needed that you have a few blood tests and scans, during various stages of your pregnancy to track fetal development. The results of these tests may determine your choices later in pregnancy.

Full Pregnancy Care UK